Utah Law Study Helps for Tim


We have created a list of study resources to help with the Utah Law portion of the test. Hopefully this will help your friend. Since this is just a temporary page, please let me know when you guys are done using it so that we can delete it.

You can have full access to our training course and practice tests by logging in under a temporary account that we created for another person a while ago. The login info is below. 

Email: tempuser@agentprofessor.com

Password: Temp1!

Once logged in you can review the training content. You can take lesson quizzes, but you would have to complete the time requirement on each section like a normal student first. If you just use the Unit Quizzes you will have direct access. 

Utah Law info is spread throughout each lesson, but these are the sections covering almost 100% of the Utah Law Topics:

Getting Started in Real Estate (Entire Unit)

Utah Real Estate Acts (Lesson)

Real Estate Purchase Contract and Addenda (Lesson)

Water Rights (Lesson)

Practice Tests:

All Tests Link 

Utah Law Practice -  (Work in Progress) 

Content Outline with Brief Summaries:

Utah Law Content Outline