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Enroll in Real Estate School with a friend and save 20% on your tuition at Agent Professor!

friends-clip-art-friends-clip-art-13.jpgIn real estate, it is common for agents to work in teams and partnerships. As a real estate school we are often asked if there are any special promotions for people looking to complete their real estate schooling with a friend. Because of these inquiries, we have decided to create a special promotion for people looking to complete their real estate schooling together.

We have created a special discount for partnerships to enroll with a 20% discount when they sign up with a friend. In order to obtain this special discount, the following steps should be taken by both parties that are looking to get their Utah real estate license:

1. Both people should sign up individually on Agent Professor's Registration Page. They should sign up within 48 hours of each other in order to qualify.

2. Use code FRIEND20 for the 20% discount.


After enrolling, the friends will be able to work together on their schooling, but they must individually complete all of the sections of the training in order to qualify for a Utah real estate license.

Note: If anyone uses this special code without a friend also enrolling, their enrollment will be canceled. This is a limited time offer and may not be combined with any other offers.

Any questions regarding this special discount should be directed to our school director at or through our contact us page.


 Enroll Today to become a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Utah Enroll Today!



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