If you have any questions about out terms of use, please contact our director at director@agentprofessor.com.

Terms of Use/Student Agreement

By signing below, using the agentprofessor.com website course, or paying the enrollment fee to the school, Agent Professor Schools, LLC, the student agrees to the following terms, and conditions. Please read through each of the following items and sign below or click the agreement box indicating that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms.

1. The student agrees to be honest and ethical while using the online training to complete the Utah 120 hour pre-licensing education requirement.

2. The student acknowledges and accepts the refund policy of the school as the following: The enrollment fee paid to the school is non-refundable unless special approval is granted by the school director or school ownership. Special approval is typically granted in the case of an emergency, or technical difficulties, or learning or other issues that prevent the student from being able to complete the course. The enrollment fee only covers access to the training for the period of two years. If a student has not completed the course in this period an extension may be given at the discretion of the school director as needed. A fee may be charged for an extension or re-registration.

3. The student acknowledges that the school only has authority to certify the student as completing the pre-licensing education requirement for the state of Utah to become a real estate agent. The school is not a licensing body. All licensing questions and concerns should be directed to the Utah Division of Real Estate. The student understands that the Utah Division of Real Estate requires potential licensees to pass a state exam and meet other qualifications including a qualifying questionnaire. The school makes no guarantees that the student will pass the state exam or qualify for licensure.

4. The student acknowledges and understands that the school is not a real estate brokerage, and does not partner with any real estate brokerage in the recruitment of licensees to work for the brokerage. Any student attending Agent Professor is under no obligation to affiliate with any of the real estate brokerages that may be soliciting for licensees at this school. Upon application with the division, the student will be required to: accurately disclose the student's criminal history according to the licensing questionnaire provided by the division; submit fingerprint cards to the division and consent to a criminal background check; and provide to the division complete court documentation relative to any criminal proceeding that the applicant is required to disclose; the division will consider the applicant's criminal history pursuant to Subsection 61-2f-204(1)(e) and Subsection R162-2f-201(1) in making a decision on the application.

5. The student acknowledges that the student must complete each lesson, quiz and exam of the training before being issued an official certifying form stating that they have completed the 120 hour education requirement. Each page must be studied for the required time in order to fulfill the state seat time requirement, evidence of this must be seen on the report accessed by the director of the school. As part of completing the training, the student acknowledges that the student must pass all lesson quizzes, and unit quizzes with a score of 75% or better and the final exam with a score of 70% or better. The student may retake the final exam and quizzes to reach the passing score, but the student must wait at least 24 hours before retaking them.

6. The student acknowledges that this is an online course and will have access to the course 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The student acknowledges that the site may occasionally malfunction or be out of service and will not hold Agent Professor liable for any damages or lost time.

7. The student agrees that they will not hold Agent Professor Schools, LLC liable in any way for any damages caused by any mistakes or errors in the training.