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About Agent Professor Utah Real Estate School

As a Utah real estate pre-licensing school, we certify students as completing the 120 hour education requirement in order for them to become Utah Real Estate Agents. Agent Professor is an online real estate school that specializes in the pre-licensing education for new real estate agents. We keep things simple and will guide you through the process of getting your Utah real estate license.

We have three main goals at Agent Professor:

       Help students in preparing for the Utah Real Estate Exam, giving you 100% confidence in your ability to pass the exam the first time that you walk into the testing center.

      Help students fulfill the 120 hour pre-licensing education requirement to get a Utah Real Estate license in a fun, simple and interactive way.

       Improve the local Real Estate Community by encouraging ethical and moral behavior from our graduates.

Our Course

Our course was created to educate our students in a fun and interactive manner. Below are a few key features of our course.

Variety - In order to make the state requirement of 120 hours be fun and enjoyable for you, we have produced our course using a variety learning methods. Some of these learning methods are listed below.

Interactivity - Along with your study of the written material, our students are challenged with activities that test the knowledge of the student. These interactive components really help students remember the principles of real estate and do well on the state exam.

Real Estate Student Studying

Video Clips - Our course is supplemented with video clips featuring a variety of professionals in the real estate industry. These clips feature many different professionals keeping the course fresh and exciting for our students.

Interaction with Real Professionals - Students have the unique opportunity to begin interactions with active professionals in the industry through one of the largest online real estate networks in the world. 

These interactions with active real estate professionals help our students to learn and to also build a referral network with professionals throughout the world. Students have the option to remain in the network after they complete the course, this is a great benefit in gaining knowledge, relationships and business referrals.

State Exam Preparation - We offer free test preparation activities that simulate the state exam. Our large testing bank has over 2,000 questions. We continually update the course and test preparation questions to best follow what students will experience when taking the state exam.

If you are interested in registering for our course, we would love to help you in getting started in real estate! Please visit our Registration Page.