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Happy Thanksgiving! Three things we are thankful for as a Utah Real Estate School

Happy Thanksgiving! It is a great time of the year and a great time to ponder and reflect about what we are thankful for in our lives.

We are thankful for our students! We have a great bunch of students that are currently enrolled at our school. It is great to see and help people making goals and plans to start a new career in a great industry! It is also so fun to see our past students succeed in new careers as Utah real estate agents.

We are thankful for Utah and America! We love Utah! We are thankful for the opportunity that it is to be a Utah business and for the great area that it is. We are lucky to be here. We are also thankful for our great nation and those that protect our freedom.

We are thankful for our friends and other companies in the real estate industry! As a real estate school we depend on a few other companies to keep us going. We are thankful for our web developers and other service providers that keep the training platform running smoothly and glitch free!

We are thankful for great food! Haha! We are excited to feast on some delicious food in a few days!


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