Utah Real Estate License Costs

Utah Real Estate License CostsAs a Utah real estate licensing school, we are often asked how much it costs to get a Utah real estate license. We are going to break down all of the costs associated with getting your license here in this blog entry!

  • Once someone has decided to get a Utah real estate license they need to enroll in a real estate school, like Agent Professor. The cost to enroll at Agent Professor is $395, but we usually have some kind of promotion code available to reduce this tuition fee. Promotions are usually found on our Registration Page. This fee is due when a student enrolls and if a student needs special financing, a payment plan may be worked out. Students needing a payment plan should contact Agent Professor before enrolling.
  • Once a student completes real estate licensing school, they schedule to take the Utah state exam through Pearson Vue and pay a fee of $59. If a student fails the exam, they will need to study harder and retake the exam paying another $59. Pearson Vue has several locations in Utah and other states as well.
  • After the student passes the Utah state exam, they will need to apply for a license and pay to the Utah Division of Real Estate a $157 total non-refundable fee ($100 application fee, $12 recovery fund fee,$40 fingerprint processing fee and $5 FBI Rapback fee).


Cost Breakdown:  
Tuition at Agent Professor $395
Exam Fee $59
Utah Division of Real Estate Fees $157
Total cost to get a license: $611


Keep in mind that these are the costs associated with getting your license only. Agents should also plan on paying dues to local, state and national associations of Realtors® if they plan on joining these associations. 

Enroll today to get started on your real estate career!

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