Utah Real Estate Specialties: Recreational Properties

Utah Recreational PropertyUtah has a ton of awesome things to do for fun. There are many things to do and many things to see. People live in and visit Utah partly because of these great opportunities.

People in Utah enjoy a variety of recreational activities including the following:
  • Snow Sports
  • Hiking and Camping
  • Hunting and Fishing
  • Water Sports
  • Mountain Biking and Rock Crawling


Utah also boasts five national parks and 43 state parks! All of these attractions create the demand for nearby and real estate agents are needed that specialize in recreational real estate.


Specializing in recreational real estate may be a good choice for real estate agents that are ready for adventure! Agents in this specialty should be ready for new challenges everyday, and will definitely have a story to tell each day on the job.


Specialists in recreational properties will find themselves showing cabins, land, condos and other property types. Agents should also be familiar with the area and it's attractions in order to present the entire package to each client as the surrounding attractions are the main reason a client wants to buy the property.


We caught up Lane Nygren, a recreational property specialist with Intermountain Realty Group. We asked Lane a few questions about his career. Check out his responses!


What do you love about selling Recreational Properties?
Utah is home to so many beautiful and diverse landscapes. Focusing on recreational properties gives me an excuse to spend my time exploring incredible places and doing the things I love. While residential agents are driving their clients from house to house, I may be helping my client test out the fly fishing on what could be the property of his/her dreams. 


Utah Recreational PropertyWhat is the greatest adventure or experience you have had in selling Recreational Properties in Utah? 
As contrived as it sounds, every time I tour a property it's an adventure. I've stuck the ATV in the snow at 8,500 feet, I've stepped within six inches of a rattler, and I've been caught in my share of mountaintop lightning and thunderstorms. One of my favorite memories to date happened while filming a marketing video for a fishing property called Rainbow Springs Ranch  in Beaver, Utah. 
A local family had come to help as extras so we could get shots of them fishing and riding four-wheelers. The dad and his young son were asked by the director to slowly drive down past two fishing ponds and turn around and come back. Everything was going great until the boy reached up and squoze his dad's hand as they were making their turn at the edge of one of the ponds. I was chatting with the property owner when we heard a revving throttle followed by a  gigantic splash! We were able to get the dad and his son out of the pond quickly, and no one was hurt. I wish we could say the same for the four wheeler. Once everyone was out of the water and dried off a bit, we all had one heck of a laugh.


What is the biggest challenge in selling Recreational Properties?
The biggest challenge is getting Sellers to price their property in a range where someone will actually buy it. It's difficult for folks to let go a place where they have created so many special memories. All the properties we deal with are unique and finding comparable properties is often a challenge. It takes experience and knowledge to value recreational real estate accurately. Once you have the right value, the real challenge is getting your Seller on the same page
A career as a recreational real estate specialist has been very rewarding for Lane and others, it could for you as well! 


If you are interested in becoming a Utah Real Estate Agent feel free to enroll in our course or contact us with any questions!

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