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Who's Who in Utah Real Estate Licensing?

So you are thinking about getting a Utah Real Estate License huh? Good for you! Now is a great time to get into real estate!

It will be helpful for you to understand the different roles of the people and entities involved with getting your real estate license. We have made a simple outline for you to get familiar!

Licensee Candidate: This is you as a potential real estate agent licensee! Licensee candidates are ultimately the one that makes everything happen in the licensing process. They should understand the process well of getting a Utah real estate license and must be proactive in taking the necessary steps to complete real estate school and move forward with the licensing requirements.

Real Estate School: These are schools that offer the 120 hour education requirement in Utah. Agent Professor Real Estate School is a specialist in prelicensing education. Through our online course you can fulfill the entire real estate education requirement in order to get your license. Agent Professor's course is taken entirely online, and may be done at your own pace. Some students complete the training course in less than a month, but we allow you up to one year to complete the entire course.

Testing Company: After you have completed real estate school, you will be required to take the Utah state exam at a local testing facility. Pearson Vue is the name of the company that offers this service. They have locations in Draper, Ogden, Pocatello, Las Vegas and Grand Junction. More information about Pearson Vue is found on our Utah Real Estate Exam Page on our website.

Licensing Authority: Real estate licensing in Utah is regulated by the Utah Division of Real Estate, a division of the Utah Department of Commerce. This is the entity that decides if you qualify to get a Utah real estate license and they have set forth standards that must be met in order to get a Utah real estate license.


Hopefully this information has helped answer some of your questions about the various parties and entities involved in the process of getting a Utah real estate license. If you have any questions please let us know! Or if you are ready to start the process of getting your real estate license you may enroll at our school on our Registration Page.

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