Frequently Asked Questions About Agent Professor Real Estate School

How quickly can I complete the pre-licensing course at Agent Professor?

You should be able to go through the course fairly quickly if you desire. We can only give credit for 8 hours per day though, but if you did 8 hours per day you could be done with the course in as little as a few weeks. Note that you should allow some time for us to review you course record and to schedule and take your state test and also time for the Utah Division of Real Estate to process your licensing application.

Students will have a full two years of access to our course, so if a student fails the state test or needs to refer back to the training after getting a real estate license, they are welcome to do so.

How does the timing work in the pre-licensing course?

Utah is a seat time state, meaning that all of the time that students spend on the course is timed, reported and tracked. This is to ensure that each student completes the entire 120 hours of training. Each page in the course is timed. The students' time is logged and tracked for each page, so the student will not miss out on any of their logged time in the case of losing an internet connection or just deciding to take a break from the course.

Our course is optimized to meet the division of real estate's requirement of 120 hours. The course material has been evaluated and approved by the division of real estate in meeting this standard. Each section of the course is timed, and normal students should expect to study the content thoroughly in approximately the time allotted for each section. Some students may be faster or slower than others. If a student covers the course material quickly in a section they should review the section again, to fulfill the time requirement for that section. If a student is a little slower with the course material, they may spend more than the allotted time on a section.

How do tests work at Agent Professor?

Each lesson and unit will have a short quiz at the end. If you fail, Utah state law requires you must wait 24 hours to retake it. You are allowed to continue on to a different lesson though on the same day if you do fail a quiz. At the end of the training there is a final exam that students must pass in order to graduate. All of our quizzes and tests are designed to simulate what the student will experience on the Utah state exam.

Does Agent Professor offer any other courses besides the Utah Pre-Licensing Course?

No. It is our mission here at Agent Professor to help people in getting their real estate license and become a successful real estate agent in Utah.

Is there a textbook needed?

No, there is no textbook required. All of the information needed is obtained through the online learning platform. This helps Agent Professor to be able to offer a low tuition rate and save students from buying a textbook. We do not want to add any additional costs, because there is already testing and application fees that the student must pay during the licensing process.

Students can access any part of the material at anytime, so students may go back and forth in the training material to review previously covered material. Students will have access to the training even after they get licensed. Their account will expire after two years from their enrollment date.