Benefits of joining a Realtor® Association

We often get asked by our real estate students about Realtor® associations, what they are and what the benefits are of becoming a member. Hopefully this post will give you a solid understanding of Realtor® associations. What are Realtor® Associations? Realtor® Associations are trade organizations made up of licensed real estate professionals. The National Association of Realtors® -Th.... read more

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Utah Real Estate School....All about the 120 hour requirement!

In order to get a Utah real estate license candidates must first complete 120 hours of real estate education. This 120 hour requirement is set forth and regulated by the Utah Division of Real Estate, a Division of the Utah Department of Commerce. We wrote this blog entry to further explain the 120 hour requirement and what it entails. Breakdown The 120 hours are broken down into 13 different sub.... read more

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