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Success in your first year as a Utah real estate agent is possible if you work your plan!


You have finished your 120 hours of real estate education and you've submitted your paperwork to the Utah Division of Real Estate - you did it!

But now what? 

Well, first of all, understand that your new career is going to be exciting but it can also become frightening if you haven't created a business plan and haven't become realistic about what a career in real estate is all about, says 35 year Remax Real Estate professional and instructor Victoria Caldwell.

"A lot of people go into real estate thinking they will spend all this time looking at all these great houses," Caldwell said. "And while you do get to see some great properties, the reality is that you need to put your problem solving hat on. Because this industry is about 90 percent problem solving for your clients and 10 percent looking at great homes and properties."

While one of the most positive attractions to a career in real estate is the flexibility to schedule your life for yourself, that very loosey-goosey nature of the job can trip up a new real estate professional.

Create a business plan and then be honest with yourself about performing each of those daily steps and you will have success, says Caldwell.

"For instance if you create a business plan that requires you to reach out and contact, in any way, five people per week, then be honest with yourself about that and send those notes or make those calls or visits and then write those people's names into your planner," Caldwell said. "The key is to create a business plan that you stick to even when it begins to feel that it is not paying off."

So how do you come up with a business plan to kick off your new career and what might a business plan for a real estate agent look like?

"With the help of your broker, you can begin to create your real estate business plan," Caldwell said. 

A real estate business plan may look something like this:

1. Take the dollar amount that you want to make in real estate for a year and translate that into the number of clients (buyers and sellers) you will need to work with to earn that goal. To do this you will use the average net commission of the area. Your trainer can help you find that number. 

2. Take that number of clients and translate that into the number of clients you will need to attempt to work with over the year. Usually, for new real estate professionals, that number is three times the first number, Caldwell says.

3. Then take the number of clients you will need to attempt to work with and translate that number into the number of people you will need to be contacting weekly (again, three times the second figure).

"Say the average net commission is 7,500 - then I will make 75,000 selling 10 properties," Caldwell says. "So to get there I will have to actually go and offer my services to three times that many prospective buyers and sellers, which means I will have to offer my services to 30 people over the year. And to get to that many people actually intending to buy or sell, I will have to talk to 90 prospective sellers during the entire year."

Then it's a simple as dividing that number used in the example, 90, by the 50 weeks that you have in a year to accomplish your goal. This means the real estate professional who has created a business plan must talk to at least two people per week who might be thinking about selling or purchasing a home.

"These are people you have contact with who might be going through life changes," Caldwell says. "Perhaps they have had a baby, had a child move to college and want to downsize, have retired, things like that."

"While a business plan can feel overwhelming, successfully and diligently working it allows for some missed days," Caldwell says. "So if you successfully work your plan four days out of seven, three weeks out of four or nine months out of 12 and you are faithful to your plan, I guarantee you will be successful beyond what your goals are. You will blow them out of the water."


If you are ready to get your Utah real estate license you may register today or contact us with any questions!


Victoria Caldwell is a veteran real estate instructor in the state of Oklahoma. She is a 35 year real estate professional who is still full-time in the industry.

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Utah Real Estate Licensing...By the Numbers

We have created an infographic that shows the data associated with Utah real estate licensing. Check it out below. Click on the infographic for more detailed information about getting a Utah real estate license.

Utah Real Estate Licensing: By the Numbers


You may also view and download this infographic as a PDF file by clicking on the following link:

Utah Real Estate Licensing: By the Numbers

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New School Learning Platform Feature

We are excited to announce a great new addition to the training platform. The feature is a progress bar that will allow students to see how far along they are in their training to become a Utah real estate agent.

We try to keep things nice and simple at our real estate school, so the progress bar is nice and simple as well. Students will see the progress bar each time they login to their training course or access their account page. This progress bar allows students to easily see their progress without having to manually count each section or lesson that they have completed or through contacting school staff.


This is what the progress bar looks like:


Utah Real Estate School Progress Bar


If you are ready to start your progress towards a new real estate career please register today or contact us with any questions!



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Utah Real Estate Specialties: Recreational Properties

Utah Recreational PropertyUtah has a ton of awesome things to do for fun. There are many things to do and many things to see. People live in and visit Utah partly because of these great opportunities.

People in Utah enjoy a variety of recreational activities including the following:
  • Snow Sports
  • Hiking and Camping
  • Hunting and Fishing
  • Water Sports
  • Mountain Biking and Rock Crawling


Utah also boasts five national parks and 43 state parks! All of these attractions create the demand for nearby and real estate agents are needed that specialize in recreational real estate.


Specializing in recreational real estate may be a good choice for real estate agents that are ready for adventure! Agents in this specialty should be ready for new challenges everyday, and will definitely have a story to tell each day on the job.


Specialists in recreational properties will find themselves showing cabins, land, condos and other property types. Agents should also be familiar with the area and it's attractions in order to present the entire package to each client as the surrounding attractions are the main reason a client wants to buy the property.


We caught up Lane Nygren, a recreational property specialist with Intermountain Realty Group. We asked Lane a few questions about his career. Check out his responses!


What do you love about selling Recreational Properties?
Utah is home to so many beautiful and diverse landscapes. Focusing on recreational properties gives me an excuse to spend my time exploring incredible places and doing the things I love. While residential agents are driving their clients from house to house, I may be helping my client test out the fly fishing on what could be the property of his/her dreams. 


Utah Recreational PropertyWhat is the greatest adventure or experience you have had in selling Recreational Properties in Utah? 
As contrived as it sounds, every time I tour a property it's an adventure. I've stuck the ATV in the snow at 8,500 feet, I've stepped within six inches of a rattler, and I've been caught in my share of mountaintop lightning and thunderstorms. One of my favorite memories to date happened while filming a marketing video for a fishing property called Rainbow Springs Ranch  in Beaver, Utah. 
A local family had come to help as extras so we could get shots of them fishing and riding four-wheelers. The dad and his young son were asked by the director to slowly drive down past two fishing ponds and turn around and come back. Everything was going great until the boy reached up and squoze his dad's hand as they were making their turn at the edge of one of the ponds. I was chatting with the property owner when we heard a revving throttle followed by a  gigantic splash! We were able to get the dad and his son out of the pond quickly, and no one was hurt. I wish we could say the same for the four wheeler. Once everyone was out of the water and dried off a bit, we all had one heck of a laugh.


What is the biggest challenge in selling Recreational Properties?
The biggest challenge is getting Sellers to price their property in a range where someone will actually buy it. It's difficult for folks to let go a place where they have created so many special memories. All the properties we deal with are unique and finding comparable properties is often a challenge. It takes experience and knowledge to value recreational real estate accurately. Once you have the right value, the real challenge is getting your Seller on the same page
A career as a recreational real estate specialist has been very rewarding for Lane and others, it could for you as well! 


If you are interested in becoming a Utah Real Estate Agent feel free to enroll in our course or contact us with any questions!

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Real Estate Agent Specialization: Blog Series Introduction

We are proud to announce that we are creating a blog series about the various areas that a Utah real estate agent may focus in. Check back every week for the update blog on each of the featured specialties!


We are super excited about this blog series. We plan on featuring real examples from the lives of real estate agents that specialize in the following areas:

  • Farm and Ranch Properties
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Residential Real Estate

- Luxury Homes

- Golf and Resort Properties

- First Time Home Buyers

- Residential Income Property


Real estate students and visitors will gain a feel of what it would be like as a Utah real estate agent specializing in these areas. We feel that it is a generally good idea that real estate agents specialize in an area. This establishes them as a go to expert when buyers and sellers have a real estate need.

If you are ready to become an Agent, you should look into our real estate school and contact us with any questions about getting your real estate license. You can also register on our registration page.


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Enroll in Real Estate School with a friend and save 20% on your tuition at Agent Professor!

friends-clip-art-friends-clip-art-13.jpgIn real estate, it is common for agents to work in teams and partnerships. As a real estate school we are often asked if there are any special promotions for people looking to complete their real estate schooling with a friend. Because of these inquiries, we have decided to create a special promotion for people looking to complete their real estate schooling together.

We have created a special discount for partnerships to enroll with a 20% discount when they sign up with a friend. In order to obtain this special discount, the following steps should be taken by both parties that are looking to get their Utah real estate license:

1. Both people should sign up individually on Agent Professor's Registration Page. They should sign up within 48 hours of each other in order to qualify.

2. Use code FRIEND20 for the 20% discount.


After enrolling, the friends will be able to work together on their schooling, but they must individually complete all of the sections of the training in order to qualify for a Utah real estate license.

Note: If anyone uses this special code without a friend also enrolling, their enrollment will be canceled. This is a limited time offer and may not be combined with any other offers.

Any questions regarding this special discount should be directed to our school director at director@agentprofessor.com or through our contact us page.


 Enroll Today to become a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Utah Enroll Today!



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Your Utah Weekend...Hike Brighton Lakes Loop Trail

Slushy Silver Lake in Utah

Well a few months ago (early march) I decided to take my wife up to Silver Lake near Brighton Ski Resort to do a little fishing.... We got up there and it turns out the entire lake was full of slush and the trail was covered with snow! We went a little too early in the season haha!

A couple weeks ago I decided to try again, this time we were going all out, doing the entire Brighton Lakes Loop Trail. We loaded up our fishing gear and ended up parking in the resort parking lot.

It was kind of fun hiking on the ski slopes up to Lake Mary. We ended up fishing there for a few hours and caught a little trout about 8 inches long. It was fun because there was a ton of other smaller fish that would chase your lure all of the way while you reeled it in! Lake Mary was the highlight of trip, it is such a beautiful lake, I would say one of the best in Utah.
We hiked from Lake Mary to Twin Lakes and it was a sweet trail through the forest and rocks. It was really windy at Twin Lakes and really cooled us down.

We then hiked back down to Silver Lake. The view coming from Twin Lakes looking over Silver Lake was amazing! We made it to Silver Lake and walked back up the road to our car.

It was a great hike full of cool views. We ended up doing the whole loop so we were pretty exhausted by the time we were done. It is so nice up there on the trail though, you really get away from the heat of the summer.

Lake Mary UtahAnyways, I thought I would just let you know about this awesome place. It has a little bit of everything for everyone. You can take it easy and just hang out at Silver Lake near the parking lot or you can hike the loop or even try to visit all of the lakes to make a day out of it. Try it out one of these weekends and let us know how you like it! It is only about a half hour drive from Salt Lake up Big Cottonwood Canyon.


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Top 10 reasons to get a Utah Real Estate Agent License

We have put together a list of the top 10 reasons to get a Utah Real Estate Agent License. Check it out!



Click on the Infographic to go to our Utah Real Estate Licensing Page

 Text Format:

1. Flexibility of Time - Most real estate agents are independent contractors for a principal broker. This means that they generally are able to set their own schedules and appointments. This flexibility generally allows agents to work on their own schedules. Agents can decide when they show homes, do office work, and prospect for new clients.

2. Flourish - Unlimited Income Potential - The majority of real estate agents work on a commission basis. The more properties you sell, the higher your income will be. Many agents are so successful that they have many people on their team helping them sell a large number of properties per year.

3. Fun - There is a lot of variety in a career as a real estate agent. This variety along with interactions with others make it a very fun career.

4. Freedom - Do Your Own Thing! - Although as an agent you will have a principal broker that directs you, you will pretty much have the freedom to do your own thing and work towards your own goals and desires.

5. Help People - Agents are always helping people achieve their dreams. It is a great feeling!

6. Help Yourself - As an agent you will be able to help yourself as well by taking opportunities to get involved in real estate investing.

7. Contribute - Agents are active in society and try to better the community around them.

8. Create Something - Agents get to create a business. The cost to get into real estate is not much compared to the enormous potential there is to grow a big business.

9. Learn and Experience - Everyday agents will have a new story to tell!

10. Utah Needs You - There are fewer real estate agents in Utah compared to the national average when compared with the overall population.

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How to Become a Utah Real Estate Agent!

We created this simple infographic to give a basic explanation of how to get a real estate license in Utah!


How to Become a Utah Real Estate Agent

Click on the infographic to go to our page about the Utah Real Estate Exam!

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List of Best Things to do in Utah this 4th of July weekend!

We have compiled a list of fun things to do this weekend in Utah to celebrate Independence Day. Check it out!


bXoAlw8gT66vBo1wcFoO_IMG_9181.jpgAmerica's Freedom Festival at Provo - Provo, Utah

This is one of the biggest events held in Utah for Independence Day, offering a variety of attractions throughout the entire weekend.

This year as part of the festival, the Stadium of Fire event will be featuring Journey, Montel Williams as Emcee, and special guest Olivia Holt. It will be held July 4th at 8:00 pm at Lavell Edwards Stadium in Provo. There are a variety of other events held as part of the festival including a parade, hot air balloon fest, freedom run and talent competition. More information may be found on the festival website by clicking below.


 The City of St. George's 4th of July Celebration - St. George, Utah


Head over to the park this Saturday for a variety of activities for the whole family! Make sure to cool off on the slip-n-slide or in the Dunk Tank! This is a huge celebration in St. George with a large variety of activities for everyone throughout the weekend. There will also be a giant fireworks display after a free concert around 10:00 PM.



Park City 4th of July Parade and Celebration - Park City, Utah

Well if you are in the mood for pancakes and other great food this 4th of July, you ought to head up to Park City, Utah! At the Park City 4th of July Parade and Celebration there will be a great parade, a 5k run, live music and at night a great fireworks display at the Park City Mountain Resort.


 photo-1413787489051-bcbb6209ece1.jpgSandy 4th - Sandy, Utah

Celebrate the 4th with local heros including policemen, firefighters, and the Airmed Helicopter! Each of these groups will be involved in activities throughout the entire day on Saturday. Finish up the day by watching Real Salt Lake Soccer take on Orlando City at Rio Tinto Stadium at 8:00 PM. Fireworks will follow the soccer match.


Hot Rockn' 4th - Ogden, Utahcar.jpg

Head up to Ogden, Utah this Saturday for a Demolition Derby! That will get you excited! This event promotes a few local charities. There will also be a car show and kids activities on Saturday, and fireworks at 10:00 PM.





If you found this information helpful please share it with your friends!



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